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Our History

The community of Comfort, founded in 1854, is located on Interstate 10, forty-five miles north of San Antonio. Geographically located on the beautiful Guadalupe River, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Comfort, with a population of approximately 2300, is a very traditional community with a deep-seated appreciation for history and the value of education. 

Through the years Comfort ISD had grown as the number of student and the demand for more classroom space increases .  Below is a chronology of schools in Comfort. 

1856:  The first school was built in Comfort. 

1866: A second school was built in Comfort following the Civil War. 

1892: A one story three room limestone school was built.  A fourth classroom and a hallway were added in 1904.  In 1922 a second story was added to the stone building. 

1939: A High School was constructed. 

1953:  An Elementary School was built.  A second wing was added to the Elementary School in 1963 and a third wing and cafeteria were opened in October 1985.  In January 2000, a fourth wing was added to Comfort Elementary School and houses 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.  In August 2008, a fifth wing opened for Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten as a result of a 2006 Bond. 

1997: A new High School was constructed.  The Agriculture Science building was added in 1998 followed by a field house and football field in 1999.  In August 2008, as a result of the 2006 Bond, five new classrooms, a science lab, a CADD Lab, a Health Science Lab, a building trade’s classroom, and a second field house and upgrades to the Agriculture Science building were added to the High School. 

The original High School building now houses the Comfort Middle School Administration Offices and grade 6.  In January 2001 a new wing to the Comfort Middle School was completed and serves grades 7 and 8.   In August 2008, Comfort Middle School added 4 new classrooms, a science lab, a new gymnasium and weight room from the 2006 Bond. 

During the fall term of 2001-2002, the original 1892 building was remodeled to restore the lower floor to conditions similar to those in 1922. It is home of the Comfort ISD's Information Technology Department.  Though it no longer services students each day, it continues to provide vital services supporting and enhancing education for students, teachers, administrators, and visitors of our schools.

Today, our schools strive to meet the needs of over 1,200 students as we reach into the twenty-first century.


Comfort ISD may be one of a few, if not the only school district with two mascots….the Bobcats and the Deer. In the 1928-1929 school year, the Girls’ basketball team was undefeated. In old photographs, the team was shown wearing white blouses and black bloomers. The Athletic Department apparently did not have funds to purchase uniforms of the girls team, so they decided they would get uniforms the “old fashioned way”. They would earn them. The team worked to raise money for the uniforms in several ways. They sold candy, they advertised “basket Suppers”, and they put on an all girls play, since the boys would not participate. After all the fund raising activities, the girls had enough money to purchase their uniforms. Apparently because the boys would not help raise the money for the girls uniforms, the girls did not want to be called Bobcats or “Lady Bobcats”. The wanted a name all their very own. The 1929 – 1930 season opened with the girls wearing the REAL uniforms they had designed. Blue shorts, with a gold jersey with blue trim. The number was on the back of the jersey and a Deer on the front. The deer head was designed below the V-neck jersey blouse and the antlers went up each side of the neckline.

Bell TowerIt started out as a little school with a Bell Tower

In 1866 a new school building (second school building) was built. The school bell hung in the belfry of the second school tower until it was moved to the three room limestone school building built in 1892. The bell was atop the shingled roof of the one-story limestone building and then the two-story building in 1922 until it was removed from the roof in 1974 when major repairs were made to the roof. The bell tower pictured here is a replica bell tower, which was built in 1987, and houses the original bell from the 1866 school