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Medication Policy

Comfort ISD
Medicine at School (All Grade Levels)

If a student must take medication during school hours, the student’s parent must provide the medication. All medication, whether prescription or nonprescription, must be kept in the nurse’s office and be administered by the nurse or another authorized district employee. A student may be authorized to possess his or her own medication because of asthma or a severe allergy as described below or as otherwise allowed by law.
The district will not purchase nonprescription medication to give to a student.
In accordance with policy FFAC, authorized employees may administer:

  • Prescription medication in the original, properly labeled container, provided by the parent, along with a written request.
  • Prescription medication from a properly labeled unit dosage container filled by a registered nurse or another qualified district employee from the original, properly labeled container.
  • Nonprescription medication in the original, properly labeled container, provided by the parent along with a written request. Note: Insect repellant is considered a nonprescription medication.
  • Herbal or dietary supplements provided by the parent only if required by the student’s individualized education program (IEP) or Section 504 plan for a student with disabilities.

Students whose schedules provide for regular time spent outdoors, including for recess and physical education classes, should apply sunscreen before coming to school.
At the elementary level, a student’s teacher or other district personnel will apply sunscreen to the student’s exposed skin if the student brings the sunscreen to school and asks for help applying it. A student at this level may apply his or her own sunscreen if the student is able to do so.

At the secondary level, a student may possess and apply sunscreen when necessary. If the student needs assistance with sunscreen application, please address the need with the school nurse.

Whether a student is at the elementary or secondary level, if sunscreen needs to be administered to treat any type of medical condition, this should be handled through communication with the school nurse so that the district is made aware of any safety and medical issues.