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Safety & Security

  • Please click on the link to choose your campus and submit an anonymous report of any potential safety concern or threat. 


  • In addition to increasing the number of school resource officers, Comfort ISD continues to thoroughly review safety and security protocols, including established plans and procedures, active threat training, District and campus specific emergency plans, scheduled year-round safety drills, screening all visitors before they enter a campus, and finishing the safety enhancements afforded by the 2019  $37.7 million bond including secure entryways at each campus and access control technology. Comfort ISD also has District and campus threat assessment teams as well as licensed school counselors and health care professionals at each campus.  Comfort ISD Superintendent, Dr. Tanya Monroe, states: “In Comfort ISD, safety is always a top priority. We have well-established safety protocols that we will continue to follow. It takes all of us working together to keep our students and staff safe. We work in collaboration with each other and with local law enforcement to provide a safe and secure learning environment in Comfort ISD.” 

    Comfort ISD School Safety Orientation

  • The CISD Safety and Security Committee helps in creating and maintaining a safe and secure school climate and culture.  The committee consists of representatives from Kendall County Sheriff’s Office,  along with parents, CISD staff, and members of the CISD Board of Trustees.  The committee members participate in the development and implementation of the district’s emergency response plan and affirm the school district completes safety and security audits and reports. They also consult with local law enforcement to encourage officer presence at and around our campuses and assist the district in selecting where bleeding control stations are located in our schools. 


    School Safety and Security Committee Meeting Agenda July 17 Notice 

    School Safety and Security Committee Meeting Agenda December 14 Notice 


    School Safety and Security Committee Meeting May 9 Notice

    School Safety and Security Committee Meeting September 7 Notice

    School Safety and Security Committee Meeting August 17 Notice


  • Comfort ISD school board members unanimously voted to add a third school resource officer to Comfort ISD. Each Comfort ISD campus now has a dedicated SRO. Comfort ISD shares the cost associated with the school resource officer program with Kendall County. Officers are certified law enforcement officers responsible for safety and crime prevention in schools. They are active members of local law enforcement and have extensive backgrounds and training. They will continue to train for a variety of scenarios designed for the safety of students and staff of Comfort ISD.  

  • Visitor Procedures 

    • Visitors must present a photo ID to obtain a visitor badge.
    • Visitors are required to wear a badge that lists their destinations, date checked in and to ensure badge is visibly displayed.
    • Visitors are required to obtain a new badge at each campus if visiting multiple campuses.
    • Under no circumstances are visitors allowed to enter the campus without properly checking in the front office.